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When a leading snack food company needed help improving the speed and efficiency of putting more chips into a bag, they called upon Yaskawa for help. The customer noticed that as a charge fell into the bag, the chips tended to spread out. This meant inserting chips took longer and fewer chips fit in each bag. Yaskawa’s Doug Meyer explained, “Our challenge was to improve the speed and density of the charge, so we could reduce the number of stragglers falling into the bag. If we could do that, the customer could use smaller bags and save big money.”

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Project type: MP2300Siec machine controller

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Yaskawa created a customized control solution approach with the client that implemented a precise, flexible and fast servo-driven compaction mechanism featuring the MP2300Siec machine controller.

“We collaborated quite a bit with the customer on this one because they weren’t yet familiar with our product,” Meyer said. “We trained them, and helped them design the code architecture. We worked with their engineers, service technicians and assembly techs to get them comfortable using our product.”

“They had an idea of how to get started. We bounced some ideas off of each other and, together, we figured out a great solution.”

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The Results

The result was the customer ended up with a patented process that enabled them to get more chips into a smaller package – faster. This meant greater processing efficiencies, lower costs for the package itself and room for more product on the store shelf. “It takes customers with an open mind. Someone ready for something new,” Meyer said. “That’s when we really get rolling.”

Yaskawa’s broad product range of servo systems includes brushless AC servo motors, digital amplifiers, linear motors, and direct drive motors. These best-in-class servo systems can be matched with single-axis or multiaxis motion controllers for a system solution with the best quality and reliability in the business

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