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November 2015 Newsletter
Soft Starters: Applications and Benefits

Old motor control techniques used an across-the-line starter or some type of Wye or Delta configuration to start and stop electric motors. Across-the-line starters can produce in-rush currents up to 7 times the normal operating motor current and 3 times the starting torque.

A soft starter electronically controls the voltage applied to the motor via SCR’s during starting and stopping, which in turn controls the speed and current levels. This means that soft starters help your equipment run smoother and last longer.

Learn more about the advantages and unique capabilities of soft starters.



Soft Starters
Servo Motors Part 2
Servo Motors: An In-Depth Introduction, Part 2

What else can a servo motor do?

In Servo Motors: An In-Depth Introduction, Part 1, we reviewed how servo motor construction and operating characteristics create this technology's advantages. But there's more to understanding how servo motors can play an important role in automation solutions. Shaft sensors and holding brakes provide 4 different kinds of feedback and can extend the life of the equipment for maximum efficiency.

Find out how shaft sensors and holding brakes give servo motors an advantage:



Get the Most Out of Your HMI Scripting

An underutilized item in your automation toolbox is the scripting capability embedded in your HMI.

Quite often, the data generated by a control system requires further manipulation, massaging if you will, retransmission on alternate protocols, or long term storage on an MES/MRP system.

What are the four most common HMI solutions, and what can your HMI do for you?


HMI Scripting
Safety Switches
Stop! Safety Switches Halt Risks

STOP!  When you were a kid playing ball your parents probably had to yell this at least once when your ball (inevitably) went into the street. Why was this so important? Because your parents had your safety in mind, they didn’t want you to get hit by a car!

20+ years later you are now working on or around machinery that may be just as dangerous as that busy street you grew up on. But your parents are not standing behind you just waiting to yell “Stop!” these days. So what do you do?

Learn more about the types and applications of safety switches.


LED Lighting Promotion
Now's the Time to Upgrade to LED Lighting!

The benefits of LED Lighting are undeniable! When switching to Dialight's energy efficient LED Lighting System you'll experience:

  • up to 80% reduction in energy consumption
  • maintenance free lighting
  • less than 2 year payback period
  • 5-10 year warranty

For a limited time only, you will receive a FREE Carhartt Duck Active Jacket or a FREE Carhartt Knit Hat & Carhartt Paxton Hoodie with the purchase of $3,000 or more of Dialight light fixtures! Talk to our LED Lighting Specialist to get a free LED Lighting Consultation and learn how LED Lighting can benefit your company!

Learn more about this promotion!

Learn More


JumpStart 211-213: Intermediate Siemens TIA Portal (PLC)

December 1, 2015
Course Length: 3/4 Day 
Location: Streetsboro, OH 

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Siemens S7 Programming 1

Dec. 7 - Dec. 11, 2015
Course Length: 5 Days 
Location: Streetsboro, OH 

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Siemens TIA Portal Programming 1

Feb. 8 - Feb. 12, 2016
Course Length: 5 Days 
Location: Streetsboro, OH 

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Siemens TIA Portal Programming 1

April 4 - April 8, 2016
Course Length: 5 Days 
Location: Cranberry Township, PA

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