Improving a Bottle Label Applicator Design

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The company was looking to improve the existing design for its high-speed bottle label applicator to offer greater reliability and increased through-put. The design originally used stepper motors and lower end servos with gear reductions. One idea considered was to use a directly-driven servo on an axis that was particularly high-duty cycle. Eliminating a gearhead would reduce cost, and improve reliability by reducing backlash and component wear.

Yaskawa Customer - Design & Manufacturing Company

Project type: Junma Series & Sigma-5 Series

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Yaskawa and the Concept Automation team determined what it could provide was two different servo lines:

  1. the lower-cost Junma series for axes that required speed control
  2. the higher-end, industry-leading Sigma-5 series servo on an axis that required sub 15 millisecond settling times and very high duty-cycle.

This axis went from standstill to 600 RPM and back to zero in about 120 milliseconds.

Yaskawa provided on-site commissioning support to ensure the Sigma-5 axis and Junma axes performed at peak performance levels. The fullfeatured Sigma-5 servo allowed Yaskawa and Concept Automation to observe the settling time in the SigmaWin+ analysis tool.

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The Results

“We’ve been producing high-speed label applicators for more than 20 years and the Sigma-5 has significantly raised performance levels. Choosing a vendor able to provide us with servos at the price of steppers (Junma) as well as the high performance shown by the Sigma 5 has been a really good experience for us. The great support shown by Yaskawa in getting the first line running has exceeded expectations”. –President, Concept Automation. The Concept Automation machine delivered 12% greater throughput over previous designs. Also, settling time was able to be reduced to fewer than 10 milliseconds.

Yaskawa’s broad product range of servo systems includes brushless AC servo motors, digital amplifiers, linear motors, and direct drive motors. These best-in-class servo systems can be matched with single-axis or multiaxis motion controllers for a system solution with the best quality and reliability in the business.

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