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August 2015 Newsletter
Backup Options for Siemens G120 Drives

Your Siemens G120 or G120C AC drive is installed and running.  Now the thought hits you as to how to back up the configuration in case of a failure in the future.  Siemens offers several options for you, including a software tool, operator panels, and memory cards.

Learn more about the backup Options!



LEDs pay for themselves with more than just energy savings
LEDs Payback with More Than Just Energy Savings

LED Lighting systems are known for their great energy savings but also for their larger upfront cost.  Just taking into account Energy Savings, the payback period for LED Lighting can be less than two years.  However, taking into consideration productivity, profits from efficiency, and low maintenance costs, the payback period for LEDs can be a lot shorter than that. 

Learn more about what to consider. 



Safety Laser Scanners vs. Safety Mats – Which One Do I Choose?

When the total cost-of-ownership is considered, the overall ROI for safety scanners is actually much greater than safety mats. Why? If you have to replace a safety mat once or twice, you’ve exceeded the cost of a safety scanner.

Learn more about the pros and cons of each. 


Safety Scanners vs Mats
ADRC PID LineStream Technologies
Get Wound Up with ARDC

Industrial winders, CNCs, robotics, and servo drive applications require high-performance speed and position control, which is difficult to achieve with PID. PID control needs either robust system modeling or extensive empirical tuning to achieve optimum results.  See how LineStream Technologies got one OEM all “wound up” about Active Disturbance Rejection Control (ADRC). 

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The ACD Online Store is Now Open!

You do everything else online, so why not shop for all your favorite ACD products? ACD is proud to present our new online store currently featuring Magswitch Magnets! 

The ACD Store will soon feature more of your favorite products and vendors including Siemens, eWON, Dialight, and Cree. Be sure to check back often!

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Siemens Connectivity to EtherNet/IPTM Networks – PowerPlay USA Workshop

Sept. 15, 2015
Course Length: 1 Day
Location: Streetsboro, OH

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Siemens Mobile Showcase

Sept. 17, 2015
Time: 10AM - 3PM
Location: Pitt Johnstown, PA

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JumpStart 201+202: Intermediate Siemens TIA Portal (PLC)

Oct. 13, 2015
Course Length: 3/4 Day
Location: Streetsboro, OH

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Siemens S7 System Tools & Troubleshooting 1
Oct. 26, 2015 - Oct. 30, 2015
Course Length: 5 Days
Location: Cranberry Twp., PA

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