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September 2015 Newsletter
Safety Can Improve Productivity

Why hasn’t safety been implemented in your machinery or process?

You are well aware of the benefits:

  • Protection of personnel
  • Protection of equipment
  • Regulation compliance
  • Litigation avoidance

However, your hesitation to provide an adequate safety system may be related to increased cost and complexity or loss of productivity.

How can investing in safety technology protect your employees, your equipment, and your bottom line?



Safety Can Improve Productivity
LED lighting Improves Productivity
LED Lighting Improves Productivity

Lighting can impact employees in many ways and can have an effect on:

  •   Comfort
  •   Mood
  •   Productivity
  •   Health
  •   Safety
  •   Quality
  •   Retention

Lighting is one of the most "visible" ways to improve energy efficiency.  So you must not only consider how lighting impacts your employees, but also how it directly affects the architecture and image of the company

How can LED lighting change your workplace for safety and productivity?



Energy Efficient Transformers and US DOE 2016 Standards

Electromagnetic induction, the principle of the operation of the transformer, was discovered independently by Michael Faraday in 1831 and Joseph Henry in 1832. Faraday was the first to publish the results of his experiments and thus receive credit for the discovery. The relationship between EMF and magnetic flux is an equation now known as Faraday's Law of Induction.

Learn more about how the new US DOE 2016 Standards will affect energy efficiency in transformers.


Energy Efficient Transformers and US DOE 2016
Reducing Drive Complexity
Reducing Drive Complexity

As variable frequency becomes a larger requirement in systems, variable frequency drives (VFD) are becoming very common in the industrial control market. On smaller systems and lower power range systems, the VFD may be too powerful for the application.

Fortunately, you can reduce drive complexity for simple applications that do not require advanced parameter settings and achieve basic and simple installation and commissioning.

Learn more about how reducing drive complexity can be as simple as starting with the right drive for the job.


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JumpStart 101+102: Intermediate Siemens TIA Portal (PLC + HMI)

Oct 6, 2015
Course Length: 3/4 Day 
Streetsboro, OH

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JumpStart 201+202: Intermediate Siemens TIA Portal (PLC)

Oct 13, 2015
Course Length: 3/4 Day
Location: Streetsboro, OH

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Siemens S7 System Tools & Troubleshooting 1

Oct 26, 2015 - Oct 30, 2015
Course Length: 5 Days
Location: Cranberry Twp., PA

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Siemens S7 Programming 1
Dec 7, 2015 - Dec 11, 2015
Course Length: 5 Days
Location: Streetsboro, OH 

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