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March 2016 Newsletter
Easy Encoder Guide – Part 2: More Rotary Encoders

Part 1 of this guide covered what an encoder does and differentiated the types of encoders as well as the different output configurations.  In addition, optical rotary encoders were explained and difference between the operation of incremental and absolute encoders. 

Part 2 of the Encoder Guide will explore the strengths and weaknesses of magnetic and commutation encoders.

Learn how to choose the best encoder for your application!



Remote Routing with eWON: An Automation Engineer's Perspective

So you have a machine with a few PLC’s and HMI’s talking over Ethernet.  You’re good with that.  But that machine is shipping to the North Pole, and you really don’t want to go there every time an elf mis-aligns a prox.  So you’ve added an eWON remote routing device to your system so you can log in to monitor and download without getting on a plane or dog sled.

This overview touches on some of the common questions we field for eWON remote routers.

How does the eWON Cosy work? Learn how remote routing can increase uptime and save on support costs.



Industrial Safety Control Systems: Performance Level Categories

How well do you know your industrial safety control systems? Do you understand the architecture behind Performance Levels and how it contributes to safety?

In this article one of ACD's safety experts explains Performance Level Categories with a structural analogy. 

Find out how understanding Category can help improve your industrial safety control system.


Industrial Safety
Top 5 Benefits of LED Lighting
The Top 5 Benefits of Using LED Lights vs. Conventional Lighting

There are a lot of advantages and benefits to the energy efficiency of LED (or light emitting diodes) vs. traditional lighting. When you compare LEDs to other energy-saving illumination methods that are available on the market today, you will find that LED lighting is by far the most power-saving and the smartest solution.

By far the most energy efficient, the cleanest and most eco-friendly way of illumination is LED lighting!

Learn about the top 5 advantages of choosing LED lighting over conventional lights.


Announcing the new ACD Online Portal!
Introducing Your ACD Online Portal

As you may know, ACD recently launched its Online Store and soon we'll be launching an Online Ordering Portal that is exclusive to our existing customers! 

What you'll be able to do inside your Portal:

  • See your negotiated pricing and rebates reflected live in your portal
  • Look up pricing for quotes
  • 24/7 Ordering
  • Save products to multiple lists for planning and quoting 
  • View and access past online orders
  • Work with your sales rep to get the specific pricing reflected in your account 
  • Ask questions on product pages

Pre-Register for Portal Access

Access to the ACD Portal will only be possible with an ACD provided login, so get your name on the list to have access when the Portal goes live!

Why Pre-Register? 

By pre-registering, your company's custom pricing will be pre-loaded and ready to go the day the ACD Portal launches. Pre-register for Portal Access today so you don't have to be on the waiting-list. 

Pre-Register for Portal Access Today »

Pre-Register for Portal Access


Siemens TIA Portal Programming 1

April 4, 2016 - April 8, 2016
Course Length: 5 Days
Location: Cranberry Twp, PA

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JumpStart 111,112,121: Introductory Siemens TIA Portal (PLC + HMI)

April 12, 2016
Course Length: 3/4 Day
Location: Cranberry Twp, PA

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Siemens S7 Programming 1

May 2, 2016 - May 6, 2016
Course Length: 5 Days
Location: Streetsboro, OH

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Siemens S7 Programming 1

Aug. 15, 2016 - Aug. 19, 2016
Course Length: 5 Days
LocationCranberry Twp, PA

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