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June 2016 Newsletter
What is the PAC (Programmable Automation Controller)?

PACs are programmable automation controllers. They are digital computers that hold and execute embedded programs. These are seen in many different types of electromechanical processes and usually control the machinery in factories.

This name is very similar to PLC (programmable logic controllers), which we are very accustomed to in automation. PACs are relatively new to the market and PLCs have been around since the 1960s.

The arrival of these new controllers begs the question: “How are they different?”

Learn how PACs are different from PLCs, and how to choose the right controller:



What is the PAC
Announcing My ACD Portal
ACD Gets Personal: Announcing My ACD Portal

ACD takes pride in delivering technology-leading electrical supplies – and now, My ACD Portal makes thousands of products accessible to our customers 24/7.

The new My ACD Portal brings convenience and exclusive benefits to new and existing customers in our sales territory. With a My ACD Portal account, you’ll have product details and your company’s negotiated pricing at your fingertips. Other benefits include:

  • Place orders 24/7/360
  • Inventory Availability
  • Save Product Lists and Carts
  • Email Saved Carts
  • Review Past Orders
  • And more!

Find out how your Portal offers exclusive benefits to our existing customers:



LED Lighting: 5 More Facts You Didn't Know

In LED Lighting: 6 Facts You Didn't Know, we reviewed some of the unique quirks and characteristics of LED lighting basics. Now we'll take a look at five more facts about LED lighting that you probably didn't know. What unique quirks and advantages can LED lighting solutions offer?

What are five more uncommon facts about LED lighting?


LED Lighting Five More Facts You Didn't Know
LED Lighting Solutions for Auto Dealerships
LED Lighting Solutions for Auto Dealerships

Industrial LED lighting is a great way to save money, attract buyers and show off your inventory. 

Switching to LEDs can make your dealership stand out, improve the quality of lighting, and make your facility more energy efficient and environmentally friendly — all while saving money on maintenance and your energy bill. 

Find out how LED lights can make a brighter, more flattering, energy efficient auto dealership:


Order Online Through My ACD Portal!
Ready to Take Your Orders


My ACD Portal is Live and Ready to Go!

What you'll be able to do inside your Portal:

  • See your negotiated pricing and rebates reflected live in your portal
  • Look up pricing for quotes
  • 24/7 Ordering
  • Save products to multiple lists for planning and quoting 
  • View and access past online orders
  • Work with your sales rep to get the specific pricing reflected in your account 
  • Ask questions on product pages
  • And more!

Create Your My ACD Portal Account

You can access My Portal instantly by registering through the link below. Upon login, you will see List Pricing — please allow up to one business day for us to load your custom pricing.

Create your Portal today and enjoy exclusive Portal benefits while you browse thousands of products – with more being added every day.

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