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June 2015 Newsletter
Where do the New Siemens Processor Fit in to the Previous Offerings?

Over the last three years, Siemens has been rolling out their new generation of PLC hardware.  These PLC platforms, the S7-1200 and S7-1500 families, are programmed using the newer TIA Portal development environment, and offer many advantages to their legacy counterparts in the S7-200, 300, and 400 families.  First and foremost, these tag-based controllers share the new Portal programming software, which means you have one software platform to cover the full breadth of product (also including most 300 and 400 series).

Find out what the new Siemens processor has over previous offerings.



new siemens processor vs previous offerings
LED lighting changing the auto industry
LED Lighting Changing the Auto Industry

LED Lights are being rapidly developed and changing the automotive industry. This new lighting system will not only create an individual look to each make and model, but will be smaller, run cooler, and use less energy.  Advanced LED technology will make driving at night safer but it may take time before the United States changes their strict regulations on automotive lighting. 

Exactly when will you start seeing these changes in the U.S.? 



Energy Savings and Reducing Operating Costs with AC Drives

There has been quite a bit publicized on saving energy with AC Drives. This article will serve to set the facts straight and provide practical real-world application estimates on what a user can realistically expect to get in return for their AC drive investment.

Are you forgetting these factors before determining your control savings?


Energy savings and lower operating costs with AC Drives
How To Overcome the Headaches of PID

A PID Control measures proportional, integral, and derivative error in control systems.  However, because the system is so complex it needs extensive expertise and time to control.

Learn how one company overcame the headaches of PID with LineStream Technologies.


Up Coming Events
Realizing Engineering Efficiency (REE) in the TIA Portal

June 22, 2015 | Cranberry Twp., PA | 9AM - 4PM

June 30, 2015 |Streetsboro, OH | 9AM - 4PM

This is a hands-on opportunity to experience how the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) can reduce engineering development and machine downtime.

In this seminar you will work through a series of hands-on modules with the TIA Portal engineering software to configure an automation station consisting of a S7-1500 and S7-1200 PLC, HMI Comfort Panel, ET 200SP remote I/O and a SINAMICS G120 drive and motor.

We hope to see you there!

Register Now | Visit Event Page 


REE in the TIA Portal WorkShop
JumpStart 101+102: Introductory Siemens TIA Portal (PLC + HMI)

July 7, 2015
Course Length: 3/4 Day (9am-4pm)
Location: Ohio

View Course Overview

JumpStart 201+202: Intermediate Siemens TIA Portal (PLC)

August 11, 2015
Course Length: 3/4 Day (9am - 4pm)
Location: Ohio

View Course Overview

Siemens S7 Programming 1

August 24, 2015 - August 28, 2015
Course Length: 5 Days
Location: Cranberry Township, PA

View Course Overview

Siemens S7 Programming 2

August 31, 2015 - September 4, 2015
Course Length: 5 Days
Location: Cranberry Township, PA 

View Course Overview