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December 2015 Newsletter
LED Lighting: Watts vs. Lumens

What is the difference?  What should I look for?

We would all like to use less energy to lower energy costs, which means using less wattage. To do so, we should think in terms of lumens instead of watts.  Whether purchasing a light bulb for your home, relighting an office space or warehouse, lumens should be a major deciding factor in lowering energy cost.

Learn how to achieve lower energy costs by understanding lumens vs. watts.



MagDrill Disruptor 30
Product Overview: Magswitch MagDrill Disruptor 30

Drilling on pipe or even flat surfaces can be a tedious, labor-intensive task, requiring careful and difficult setup between each step. Traditional magnets offer security and straightforward setup, but don't quite fix the usual frustrations. The drilling process produces metal debris that obstructs the workplace, and a traditional magnet attracts debris that becomes its own chore to clean.

But not with Magswitch technology in the MagDrill Disruptor 30.

Find out how the Magswitch MagDrill Disruptor 30 will change the way you drill.



Get the Most Out of Your Servo Motor

There's a common belief that two servos with the same power range from different manufacturers are roughly equivalent, and that the only other significant comparison point is price. This just isn't true, and the information provided below will debunk that belief. There are several important features you cannot afford to ignore when comparing servo motors.

Find out what features your servo motor needs, and how to get the best performance.


Get the Most Out of Your Servo Motor
Siemens Features in Remote I/O
Get to Know Siemens Features in ET200SP Remote I/O

Cost or function? That's the choice many design engineers have to make when it comes to I/O. With products like Siemens ET200SP Remote I/O, you can strike a balance between cost and function for the best possible result. The basic, standard, and high feature options enable engineers and PLC programmers to make critical design decisions.

Learn more about identifying the best features for your remote I/O project.


LED Lighting Promotion
Now's the Time to Upgrade to LED Lighting!

The benefits of LED Lighting are undeniable! When switching to Dialight's energy efficient LED Lighting System you'll experience:

  • up to 80% reduction in energy consumption
  • maintenance free lighting
  • less than 2 year payback period
  • 5-10 year warranty

For a limited time only, you will receive a FREE Carhartt Duck Active Jacket or a FREE Carhartt Knit Hat & Carhartt Paxton Hoodie with the purchase of $3,000 or more of Dialight light fixtures! Talk to our LED Lighting Specialist to get a free LED Lighting Consultation and learn how LED Lighting can benefit your company!

Learn more about this promotion!

Learn More


JumpStart 211-213: Intermediate Siemens TIA Portal (PLC)

January 12, 2016
Course Length: 3/4 Day 
Location: Streetsboro, OH 

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Siemens TIA Portal Programming 1               

Feb. 8 - Feb. 12, 2016

Course Length: 5 Days 
Location: Streetsboro, OH 

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JumpStart 111,112,121: Introductory Siemens TIA Portal (PLC + HMI)

February 9, 2016
Course Length: 3/4 Day
Location: Cranberry Township, PA

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JumpStart 111,112,121: Introductory Siemens TIA Portal (PLC + HMI)

March 8, 2016
Course Length: 3/4 Day
Location: Streetsboro, Ohio

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